Structuring a secondary music program from Year 9 to Year 13

This is a two part online workshop hosted on Zoom. Thursday October 14, 2021 and is aimed at getting you started with your 2022 planning.

The workshop will include:

First Session – Junior Music Planning. 10am – 12pm

  • Junior music (yr 8/9-10) program sequencing, what to learn, when to learn and how long to learn.
  • prioritizing skills,
  • practical learning program,
  • creating a plan.

Second Session – NCEA Music Planning. 1pm-3pm

  • NCEA program sequencing, combined classes
  • prioritizing skills over standards,
  • the new NCEA course,
  • creating a plan.

Please note the workshops are interactive and you will be creating your structure and sequencing during the workshop.

All attendees will have access to online resources from the PD and ongoing online mentoring and support if required.


“Structuring a Music program was a great PD which I thoroughly enjoyed attending and I came out of it with great new ideas and a new fresh approach to implementing a new curriculum design. This is perfect timing with our Teacher Accord Day coming up early next term, where we have been asked to make decisions and develop material for our new Year 11 Music course next year.”

“THANKYOU SO MUCH!! Great resources and delivered in a friendly way. Excellent!”

“Really enjoyed it and loved the resources!”

“As a preservice teacher, this pd day was invaluable. Thank you!”

“I so appreciate your generosity, enthusiasm, and expertise, Andrew. Thanks for being so open with us about all your experiences and for giving us lots of great resources to work with. Thanks!”

“You always run great PD’s. Please keep them coming. You’re great!”

“I attended a fantastic workshop and Music PD from Andrew Stopps on Composition – Motifs to Masterpieces in the secondary school where lots of fantastic new ideas and resources were shared with other music teachers who attended the PD, these resources will be very helpful when teaching composition in the classroom and I’m sure my students will enjoy also using them. The best workshop that I have attended this year! and I look forward to future workshops.”

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This is a Secondary Music Workshop. Date: Thursday, October 14 2021. Part One: Junior Music Planning. 10am – 12pm Part Two: NCEA Music Planning. 1pm-3pm Completing this form registers you for the online PD workshop. Your school will be invoiced for $179 for both sessions or $90 for one session only. Payment in full is required to confirm your place. Payment will not be refunded due to non-attendance. One teacher per form please.

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